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The Coerver Intro Course


This course has been programmed in order to be able to see and understand a working methodology in the world of football that is not discussed within academic or federative courses. In this way, students will be able to experience this way of learning football skills and be able to put it into practice in the world of work, in the different areas in which they can work linked to this sport of Football.

You will acquire the knowledge of Coerver® Coaching training , to be able to teach the skills of the sport of Soccer, training creative players with confidence in their possibilities, through teaching the values of responsibility and respect with teammates and rivals.
You will learn how to teach ball mastery skills.

You’ll use the game effectively with a specific focus on Coerver® Ball Mastery and Coerver®1V1 Mirror Moves drills , essential skills for all players, regardless of age, ability or position.

The Coerver INTRO course by Coerver®Coaching is a 1-day course that has been broken down into 5 modules that will be presented through lectures and practical demonstrations with the aim of establishing the knowledge acquired in theory.

What We Teach

Coerver Intro Curriculum

The Coerver INTRO course by Coerver® Coaching is a 1-day course with 4 modules presented through lectures and practical demonstrations.

  • Module 1 – The Coerver® Approach to training.
  • Module 2 – Teaching 1V1 Skills – Why, What and How?, Ball Mastery & Curriculum Pyramids
  • Module 3 – Coerver® Code Values (5 S’s) & Coerver® Mirror Moves *
  • Module 4 – Practical Session
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Coerver® Mirror Moves are divided into 3 sections: Change of Direction, Stops and Starts and Feints. Each section of Coerver® Mirror Moves refers to specific areas of the pitch, the opponent’s position in reference to the player in possession of the ball and how to play within their team.

General information:
Duration: 1 day
Typical hours: 9:00AM – 4:00PM
Face-to-face modality

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