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About Us

Coerver Coaching stands at the forefront of soccer education worldwide, offering comprehensive skill-based training for players, coaches, and clubs across 51 countries.

Our History

Founded in 1984 by Alf Galustian and former Chelsea star Charlie Cooke, Coerver Coaching emerged from their shared admiration for the philosophy of Dutch coach Wiel Coerver. Together, they crafted a teaching program unparalleled in its approach, setting a new standard in football education.

Alf and Charlie’s unwavering dedication and extensive expertise have been instrumental in shaping Coerver into the esteemed and sought-after football coaching brand it is today. Their commitment has transformed the landscape of football instruction, influencing players and coaches worldwide. From its inception, Alf and Charlie’s mission was clear:

“To develop Skilled, Confident, Creative players who excel both individually and as part of a team.”

This foundational mission remains central to Coerver’s ethos, driving its evolution while staying true to its core principles. These principles serve as the cornerstone for the “Method” and “Curriculum” delivered to every player and coach, earning Coerver widespread recognition and respect in the global football community.

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Coerver Coaching Ohio

Our Local Founders

Scott Hutchinson & Sam Fiore saw an increased need for players’ and coaches’ development.

“We are devoted to giving back to the soccer communities in Ohio, sharing our passion for the game, and supporting people to learn, improve, and succeed.”

Our Mission

  • Develop Skilled, Confident And Creative Players
  • Make The Game Fun To Practice And Play
  • Teach Good Sportsmanship And Respect For All
  • Value Winning But Not More Than Character And Performance
  • Provide A Safe and Educational Experience
What We Teach

The Pyramid of Player Development


BALL MASTERY: The Foundation

The touch, control and confidence that affects every other part of the pyramid. This teaches hard work & self-responsibility.


RECEIVING & PASSING: The Teamwork Skills

Without them little is possible. This teaches communication.


1v1 MOVES: Individual Skills

To keep possession and create space & time to Pass, Run or Shoot. This teaches confidence & creativity.


SPEED: Mental and Physical Speed

With and without the ball. Acceleration. Reaction. Decision Making. This teaches competitiveness.


FINISHING: Scoring skills around the box

Focus. Timing. Courage. Concentration. This teaches responsibility.


GROUP PLAY: Putting it all together

Small group defence. Fast break attack. Combination play. This teaches team work.

The Coerver Player Pathway

Each player will go into one of the phases below depending on their age.

What We Believe

The Coerver Code

  • The success of any team system, tactic or formation ultimately depends on the quality of the individual player skills and the effectiveness of their small group play.
  • Ball Mastery is the Foundation of our curriculum.
  • We teach every player the Coerver Code.
  • Encouraging an attacking mindset where hard work and commitment to the team is the priority.
  • Star Teams and Players provide excellent models for teaching and inspiring young players.
  • Coaches should try to develop the person as well as the player.
  • The game should be fun to practice and play!

Data Driven

Each player will be assessed through our tX games. Benchmarks and comparisons will be established across age groups. After each camp or program, you can access your Locker Room to better understand your players’ path to improvement. “Crossing the bridge” to becoming an effective team player is at your fingertips!


From Top Soccer Organizations

“I can confirm that Coerver Coaching has an unrivalled global reputation in providing top class soccer education to players of all levels.”

Han Berger

Board Member KNVB

“The Coerver® Coaching course at Real Madrid was very well received by all of us, since our goal, especially in the formative years, is technical excellence.”

Vincente del Bosque

Former Head Coach SPAIN NATIONAL TEAM, FIFA World Cup Champions
“The Coerver® Coaching Curriculum is recognized all over the world as the leading method for improving skills.”

Kozo Tashimi

Vice President,

Performance Academy

Coerver® Performance Academies provide technical skills training for highly motivated players ages 7 – 14. Coerver® Performance Academies operate around the world with the aim of maximizing each player’s development. This is achieved by providing each player with a market-leading player package that has been designed to maximize the technical, physical, psychological and social development potential of each player.


Coerver® Coaching’s Center of Excellence program provides continued personal/player development for advanced & elite players ages 10 – 16. The Center of Excellence provides support, mentoring and advice for players and families. Players during this phase of development experience additional focus on improving their effectiveness as a teammate while continuing their individual development, mentally, physically and technically.

Partner Clubs

The Coerver® Partner Club program provides club coaching and education support. The key components are: Technical Skills Coaching Education, Session Planning and Technology and On going support, to give your club “The Skillful Edge”.


Goalkeeping camp and Performance Academy programs will focus on the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills required to play this pressurized position. This individual development program works on the Coerver 5 S’s to achieve their greatest potential and become an effective team player.

The Coerver ‘Just For Girls’ Camp is a one-of-kind player experience designed specifically for the female soccer athlete. This camp provides girls, ages 10-14, with not only the fun and competitive skills training of the Coerver methodology, but also unique breakout sessions designed to positively impact the physical and mental health of young female athletes.

Just For Girls Campers will experience the following:

  • All-female Coerver staff, including current and former semi-professional and collegiate soccer players
  • Fun and competitive ball mastery skills games, 1v1 and World Cup competitions
  • Daily breakout sessions that may include leadership games, injury prevention activities, yoga, and mental health discussions
  • Opportunities for players to challenge coaches in our freestyle Coerver Minute competition
  • An opportunity for players to connect with fellow female players and coaches to help set realistic goals for their own soccer journeys

“Coerver Coaching has history, it’s authentic, and it’s the best soccer program I have seen. I worked with the Coerver program all through my career, and it certainly made me a better player.”

– KRISTINE LILLY, FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion, USA

You want your player to have serious fun, right?


While your player is working hard and giving their best effort, the game should be fun! We encourage the growth mindset in the training process and respect players to experience the game at their own pace. If we make the game enjoyable and present adversity they can overcome, then your player’s concentration will skyrocket. This will lead to more intrinsic motivation and self-confidence to reach their goals and score more too!