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Coerver Youth Diploma 2 Course

The Youth Diploma 2 Course Focuses on Our Approach to Team Play

The Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma 2 course expands on the knowledge gained in the Youth Diploma 1 course focuses on developing a team style through individual and small group teaching skills, both with and without ball possession.

What We Teach

Youth Diploma 2 Curriculum

​The Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma 2 is a 2-day course broken down into 4 modules that will be presented through lecture presentations and practical demonstrations:

Module 1
The Coerver® Approach to Team Play (Theory)
Developing the Coerver® “Code” for the Player (Practice)

Module 2
The “Code” for the Coerver® team – Box/Trap Defense (Theory)
Box/Trap Defense (Practice)

Module 3
The “Code” for the Coerver® team – The Box / Trap Attack (Theory)
The Box / Trap Attack (Practice)

Module 4
The Benefits of Coerver® Style Equipment (Theory)
The Box/Trap Attack Part 2 & Completion (Practice)

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