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Center of Excellence

Age 10-17

C.O.E. is Coerver® Coaching’s “Advanced” program, led by experienced coaches who customize skills development to the individual development needs of each player. While positional expectations will be addressed, the situational and principles of play are what allow players to adapt to any position.

Who is this for?

Advanced & Elite-Level Soccer Players

The C.O.E. is for players who possess a solid base of our 5 S’s: Skill, Speed, Strength, Sense and Spirit. Increased decision-making will challenge all COE players due to the strength of all attendees. Coaches will pursue and push for mastery in fundamental skills allowing players more freedom for cognition to be more spontaneous and impactful. Perfection is unattainable but in pursuit of perfection players will catch a healthy dose of excellence in the process.

The Path to COE
The 2024-2025 Program will begin the week of November 4th and complete the week of February 24th for a total of 14 weeks of intensive training at select locations. Coerver staff will recommend players for the C.O.E. from camps and programs. Invites will be sent before September 15th. Invites do not guarantee spots. Final selections for this program will be made before October 28.

Coerver® Pro Player International Trip

High-performing players are selected from the COE program to attend a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Training & Competition.

Stadium Tours & Pro Matches.

Academy Scout Assessments.

Tradition & History.

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