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Goalkeeper Program

ages 9-18

The Goalkeeper Program is a technical development program for youth soccer goalkeepers from “The number one method of teaching soccer skills,” and its international partner Adidas®, Coerver® Coaching.

Goalkeeper Programs operate around the world with the goal of maximizing the development of each player. This is achieved by providing each of them with professional training, age-specific technical and physiological programs and an extensive support program on and off the training field.

Our goal is to develop confident technical goalkeepers, while teaching essential social skills, such as sportsmanship and respect for self and others, as well as a good attitude when training and competing.

What We Teach

The Coerver Pyramid of Goalkeeping

  • Basic Techniques: Drills and games divided into two parts – Hands & Feet.
  • Positioning: Drills and games that help Goalkeepers to get into the correct positions to save, receive and distribute the ball.
  • Distribution: Drills and Games divided into two parts: Throwing and Kicking.
  • Saving: Drills and games that teach the different saving techniques.
  • Game Play: Games where the Goalkeeper can put all the various building blocks of our pyramid together.

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