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Performance Academy

ages 7-15

PERFORMANCE ACADEMY is Coerver® Coaching’s “Flagship” program. Lead by experienced coaches who customize skills development to the individual development needs of each player. While positional expectations will be addressed, the situational and principles of play are what allow players to adapt to any position. Rooted in Coerver® Code 5-S’s: Skill, Speed, Sense, Strength, Spirit.

What to expect

Benefits to Players

  • Improved Skill, Speed, Sense, Strength & Spirit
  • Better Decision Making
  • Increased Game Confidence & Creativity
  • More Effective Home Practice
  • Healthier Player Habits
  • Greater On-Field Impact with Your Team
More info

Current Availability in Mason, OH only:  June 11 – July 31

  • 6-7pm Age 7-9
  • 4-5pm Age 14-16
  • 7-8pm Age 10-12
  • 5-6pm Age 7-8
  • 8-9pm Age 12-14
  • 6-7pm Age 9-11
  • Please Join our Waitlist if Full
  • 7-8pm Age 12-14

Programs are located indoors and outdoors primarily in the Summer and Winter with select locations in the Spring and Fall months.

The Performance Academy is the pathway into the Coerver Center of Excellence by recommendation from a Coerver Coach, Club Coach, Trial or Camp Assessment.