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Team Camps & Training Programs


Coerver® Team Training is a great opportunity for teams looking for an intense 5 day training program or 1 day per week training schedule.

Team Clinics usually run 10 – 15 hours in duration (5 days x 2 hours or 3 hours). A typical team clinic of 10 hours would have 6 hours of individual and small group training and 4 hours of topics chosen by the coach.

First 6 hours will concentrate on foot skills and moves, 1v1 play, attention to developing a dynamic first touch, technical work on striking the ball, combination play, small group attacking and defending and developing effective soccer habits.

Remaining 4 hours will be dedicated to 1 – 3 topics chosen by the coach.

Sessions follow a detailed written curriculum, a copy of which is given to the coach for follow-up purposes. Each session also includes a number of activities players can do on their own away from the team training environment.

Coerver® will provide all the training equipment necessary. Teams will be responsible for the training field, field reservations, and or field rentals. There are additional costs if travel and or lodging are required.

what to expect

Benefits of Team Training Sessions

  • Are focused, organized, and goal-oriented
  • Develop skills in all aspects of attack and defense
  • Develop confidence with the ball and ability in 1v1 situations
  • Include games that provide “guided discovery” of lessons
  • Encourage creativity and allow for mistakes without grave consequences
  • Include vigorous games to prepare players for the physical challenges of full-sided soccer
  • Include games requiring quick decisions to develop comfort under pressure
  • Teach players to recognize and seize goal scoring opportunities
  • Challenge players with games that require problem solving and communication
  • Encourage goal scoring and competition without sacrificing sportsmanship
  • Teach players how to take advantage of an opponent’s slow transition
  • Develop a player’s tactical understanding and raise the player’s soccer IQ

Why become a Partner Club?

By becoming a Coerver Partner Club your club will receive expert coach education for all your coaches, age specific Team Training, access to a web based skill learning platform and much more…

What to expect

Coerver Partner Club Benefits Include:

  • Coaches learn the secrets to effective skills coaching
  • Coaches have more ideas & drills for their sessions
  • Coaches learn how to create fun and challenging sessions for the whole season
  • Coaches get solutions to most coaching problems & situations.
  • A professional, safe and fun learning environment for the children
  • Added value for money
  • They see a clear improvement in play with the club wide curriculum
  • They get the world’s number 1 soccer skills teaching method

The Coerver Partner Club program benefits the entire club.

Take a leap and join today!

If you want to become a Coerver® Coaching Partner Club or learn more about Coerver Team Training opportunities, contact us at info@coerverohio.com.